12 November 2005

Physical Fitness and My Lack Thereof

It's the middle of November and the temperature this afternoon was 70 degrees, so I figured this might be my last chance to get a nice bike ride in before autumn gets here for good. It was so warm, I even wore shorts on my ride.

What I forgot was that it gets a little breezy this time of year, which increases wind resistance, which really harshes my vibe. Yeah, it's a more intense and therefore "better" ride, but no one likes to be reminded how weak and pathetic they are in such a brutal, uncompromising manner. I climbed some hills and stuff today, but all told, I suck.

What's even worse are all the serious cyclists, wearing their spandex bodysuits and aerodynamic helmets, riding on their $2,000 road bikes, zizzing past me like I was standing still. Fuckers.

Part of the problem is my bike itself: It's classified as a "hybrid recreational," which means it's part road bike, part mountain bike. The model I have is more of a leisure/utility bike. It's also a different color scheme than the one pictured. It's pretty heavy, at least as far as bikes go, whereas the high end road bikes are up to 10 pounds lighter than my ride. Don't get me wrong; I like my bike quite a bit, but if I ever want to wipe the smirks off the faces of the little Lance Armstrong-wannabes in Cherokee Park, I'll probably need more appropriate wheels.

(I also think bikes like mine should be called road bikes and road bikes should be called racing bikes, but that's a whole 'nother kettle of mahi-mahi.)

Of course, a much cheaper way to increase my speed would be to lose weight. Right now, I'm at 175 lbs., which according to most BMI charts is average for my height (six feet one inches of All-American Beef, thank you). But it wasn't too long ago when I was 160 lbs. and my hip bones were clearly delineated when I lay down. I've been living pretty high on the hog here in Louisville, eating out every weekend and having sophisticated adult beverages and it's taking it's toll. It all comes back to self-discipline. Sigh.

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