21 November 2005

Can't Stop the Insults

I'm not too big on pro sports. However, I am big on the internets and the blogs -- I hear they're the next big thing -- and while reading The Black Table recently, I found an entry by Will Leitch, the guy who edits Deadspin, the sports blog from the Gawker people. Leitch's entry was about his "online enemy," an unnamed blogger who belittles Leitch and his sports knowledge on a regular basis.

Curiosity got the best of me, so I Googled "Will Leitch Sucks" and lo and behold, the first reuslt points to the awesomely monikered blog Can't Stop the Bleeding. And sure enough, CStB actually has its own little subcategory of posts called "Will Leitch Sucks." The dude is dedicated, that's for sure -- he even posts pictures of Leitch from time to time.

But wait, it gets better. The guy behind CStB is none other than Gerard Cosloy: musician, journalist, record label president and all-around raconteur. I suppose it's possible that there could be more than one Gerard Cosloy on the face of the planet, but c'mon.

Now, is all this daily slagging a little petty and childish? Sure. I feel a little sorry for Leitch, actually, although his haircut does him no favors. But is it funny? Much more often than not.

I know neither of these guys. As a complete sports ignoramus, I don't know if Leitch is truly the buffoon that Cosloy makes him out to be or not, but now I regularly visit Can't Stop the Bleeding.


Anonymous said...

i visitted your site just to see if you were really still alive.


Abba Believer said...

would you like someone to insult you on your blog? maybe that could be me, you asshold jerk...hah, only funning. you're good guy.

Anonymous said...

will leitch sucks.