27 February 2006

...And McCloud Makes Three

A bad week for the TV Land set.

I've never seen an epsidoe of McCloud, but I can recall falling asleep as the theme from the NBC Mystery Movie played in the living room. And Dennis Weaver gets mad phat props for starring in Duel, which is arguably Steven Spielberg's best movie. Yeah, I said it.

26 February 2006

Carl Kolchak, Ralph Furley Dead

No way this guy was older than this guy. Of course, now it's a moot point.

As with half the people, places and things that get mentioned on this piece of shit, I have warm and fuzzy childhood memories of Darren McGavin and Kolchak: The Night Stalker. One in particular: I had pneumonia when I was 6 and I had to stay in the hospital on a Friday night. Since I had been sleeping off and on all day, I was wide awake that evening and into the night, so I watched Kolchak. I later found out it was the episode "Demon in Lace." Good times.

As for Don Knotts, I hated The Andy Griffith Show when I was a kid (I didn't care for "country shows"). It wasn't until later on that I could appreciate how well-drawn its characters were. And then later on, Knotts and his hairpiece turned up in Three's Company as the pervy landlord Ralph Furley. In the early 1980s, ABC reran Three's Company weekday mornings, and I watched it every day on summer vacation before switching over to The Price Is Right. More good times. It wasn't until later on that I could appreciate just how truly awful program Three's Company was.

23 February 2006

Hitch Does Hulk

I don't even like Marvel's green giant all that much, but the cover to the latest issue is cool.

19 February 2006

Good Clean Fun, or: A Fistful of Vodka

A fun weekend. Went out with some friends to the Back Door last night. Since I had scored tickets to the Sigur Ros show at the Palace Friday night for one of those friends, he paid for several drinks in gratitude. And who am I to turn down a free beverage?

Neither Jen nor I had eaten since 5 p.m., which in retrospect was where it all went wrong. By 11 p.m., Jen was a little wobbly and she made me take her home. I was feeling fine so with Jen's blessing, I returned to the Back Door after tucking her in for the night.

Consequently, I was pretty fucked up when we finally called it a "night" at 2 a.m. I don't say this as a boast. I pride myself on being able to hold my liquor. Maybe it's time to dial it down a notch. For starters, I took a piss in the parking lot -- felt great, but how embarrassing would it be to get arrested for public urination? Then I decided that since I hadn't eaten anything since 5 p.m. (see above), I should go get something to eat. Then, back home for a little TV.

Come the dawn, I awoke with a bit of a hangover. Plus, my mouth tasted as if Godzilla had taken a shit in it. At least I didn't have to fly anywhere.

It's definitely time to dial it down a notch. Weekend benders are fun and games when you're in your twenties, but they're more than a little pathetic when you're as aged as I am. Don't worry, I'm not going teetotal just yet, but I'm going to work on pacing myself better.

17 February 2006

Blogs Are Dead

Wait, you can make money doing this shit?

Well, apparently not much longer. (Towards the end of this piece, there's a nice little dig at neo-con puppy mill Pajamas Media -- even though I kinda like Vodkapundit.)

Guess I'll shut this turd down, then.

12 February 2006

Damaged Goods

I love Wild & Woolly Video. Great selection of oddball, foreign, psychotronic, obscure, cult and any other nerdy niche video category and subcategory you can name. Plus, they're less than a mile from my house.

Problem is, video stores that carry such a wide array of, well, wild and woolly titles tend to attract more than their fair share of -- how to put this delicately? -- social retards.

There's nothing on TV tonight that I'm dying to see, so I thought I'd pop in to W&W and see if anything looked interesting. Nothing caught my eye, but a few patrons caught my nose: there's nothing quite like looking for a movie next to some fortysomething endomorph with painfully assertive body odor as he paws through the anime selection, mumbling to himself, "Where's the hentai?" Truly heartwarming.

It's good to know that rather than spend his Taco Bell wages or Social Security on deodorant (or better yet, his meds), he's using his disposable income to fully enjoy cult cinema. Even better, apparently Sundays are now "Maladjusted Night" at W&W, because there were at least three of these specimens hastening my exit. I need to check out the TARC schedules and plan my visits accordingly.

Deadeye Dick


07 February 2006

No "Face/Off" References, Please

I'm totally fascinated by the face transplant in France, which, incidentally, is where Eyes Without a Face is set. The patient appeared before the media yesterday and now the internets are awash with images. All things considered, I don't think she looks that bad. But now, of course, I'd like to see pre-surgery photos of her injuries out of morbid curiosity.

06 February 2006

Religion of Peace, My Ass

Christopher Hitchens weighs in on the Muhammad Kartoon Kontroversy. As does Vodkapundit.

My take? If you get that rattled over a stupid cartoon, you're clearly not playing with a full deck. Don't these folks have anything better to do with their time?

Something I find amusing (and by “amusing” I mean, “depressing and unsettling”) is that even though they don’t wear turbans and are doughier and pastier, many conservative Christians right here in America are cut from the exact same cloth as their Muslim counterparts: willfully ignorant, sexually repressed, profoundly intolerant.

02 February 2006

Funnybook Fanfare

Here's another upcoming title from your friends at Marvel. According to the press release, it's the greatest thing since Internet porn but even a cynical curmudgeon like me has to admit the cover (pictured) and the innards look kinda cool.