29 November 2009

Pilgrims v. Indians

Holiday. Food. Travel. Family. Friends. Babies. Bourbon. Manger's.

Patton Oswalt on iTunes.

Girlfriend in the bathtub.

Fun? Fun.

One down, three to go.

04 November 2009

Department of Corrections

Actually, mein papa died before I ever started this thing. Just felt the need to clear that up.

29 October 2009

Time Marches On

A lot can happen in a year. Think about what can happen in TWO.

Life can be craptacular, but it's the only thing worth living.

I've been through a lot of changes. Biggest one was a divorce. After that, moving into a new place. Third biggest was probably the new job. After that, I'll say the crash that totaled my faithful Altima, which deserved a much more dignified end.

My dad died, too. Can't remember if I blogged about that. He deserved a much more dignified end, too. But his death was much easier to manage because I had several years and a few close calls to prepare for it.

15 October 2009


Hello. Is there anybody in there?

27 January 2009

The Ice Storm

The forecasters predicted a Class-A Winter Killstorm and it seems to have been accurate. Fortunately for me, I work in an industry that doesn't shut down or cancel work in these circumstances. In fact, I usually have to work harder than normal. Such is life.

So this morning as I left for work at 3:30 a.m., I found myself wondering about many, many life decisions and how I ended up in this predicament. I remembered that my neighbor Joe, the same one who left a polite note on my car (addressed to "Jeff") complaining about the noise from a mini-rave that got out of hand a few weeks ago, had asked me if I would help him shovel the driveway. "Sure," I told him, not out of any sense neighborly duty but more to get him off my back. That was before I knew I'd be going in to work during the wee small hours. So I left a note on HIS car this morning, explaining my situation. I hope he understands but I don't really care if he doesn't.

Back to me: Life is full of peaks and valleys. A few recent peaks have turned into valleys. I'm handling them much better than I would have thought I could. Yay me. But I'm still indescribably bummed. Such is life. The shitty weather plays a role, but I can't blame it all on Old Man Winter.

I left work mid-afternoon. I needed to go home and pick up some clothes because I'm staying in a hotel on the company's dime and I have to be at work at 4 a.m. tomorrow. No point in risking life and limb for a job that I like but don't love.

I wonder about all the missed connections, what might have been, what ought to have been, what should have been. I wonder how I ended up like this.

I did the dishes, in the sink. I have a dishwasher but it's wasteful to run it unless it's full. I admire all the plates and cutlery and cookware I didn't used to have. Then I remember why I didn't have them. Somebody called it laziness but it was always convenience. And now I'm inconvenienced.

What to pack? Who cares? It's going to be a boring night, but I know I will be unable to sleep. And then I will be exhausted at work. Also, they're saying the ice could snap power lines, which means I could be without electricity. The hits keep coming.

I need to make something happen.

Happy New Year.