25 June 2008

Captain Bligh

Saw Filter last night. A surprising number of my friends think Filter sucks, lumping them in with other also-rans from the '90s altrock boom (e.g., Lit, Seven Mary Three, Better Than Ezra), but for whatever reason, I love the band. Check out their second album, Title of Record.

And they were pretty good, but like it or not, Filter's commercial heyday is long gone, and playing in a two-thirds empty Coyote's was undoubtedly a humbling experience for Filter frontman Richard Patrick. The fact that the crowd was pretty lame didn't help. You could see the energy level onstage decrease with each passing tune. In fact, after playing "Hey Man, Nice Shot," Patrick blithely told us, "We usually walk offstage and let you guys clap for a few minutes, but we won't fuck around with that tonight (paraphrased)." In other words, "Let's get this over with as quickly as possible."

Set list:
Welcome to the Fold
American Cliche
Soldiers of Misfortune
The Take
Where Do We Go from Here?
(Can't You) Trip Like I Do
It's Gonna Kill Me
Hey Man, Nice Shot
Take a Picture

16 June 2008

Blog? What blog?

Updates have been nonexistant, I know. Time constraints and personal issues. I plan on describing some things, like getting hit by a car while riding my bike, my Altima getting totalled last October, my new job, my stupid band, the lawsuit I nearly got involved with at my old job, stuff about Groop Dogdrill... Lots of potential topics. Please feel free to make suggestions, what the hell. I do this for myself, but mostly for the practice and to vent.