07 November 2005

The Balcony Is Closed

Watched three movies this weekend.

House of 1,000 Corpses: My buddy Will extolls the virtues of this movie on a regular basis, so I figured WTF and picked it up. "Over the top" doesn't begin to describe it. Subtle it isn't, but kudos to auteur Rob Zombie for expertly evoking that bygone era of cheap, violent exploitation movies. With Sid Haig (left) in the cast, you can't go wrong. And hey, the sequel comes out on DVD tomorrow. What a coincidence.

Over the Edge: Troubled youth flick from 1978. Matt Dillon's first role. Fu Manchu wrote a song about it. It's in Cult Movies 3 by Danny Peary. Half the appeal for me was the nostalgia factor. Dated? You bet your life, but it's still an effective little film. Excellent use of then-current music, especially Cheap Trick, the Cars and Van Halen. I also found it quaint and oddly sweet in that all these bad-ass kids barely used any profanity. If they remade it today, every third word would be "fuck." It was a different time.

Crash: I'd heard mixed things about this one, but I liked it, even though it played like Short Cuts crossed with a mega-serious episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm in the way all the disparate elements magically and more than a little unrealistically all tied in together by the end of the movie. Matt Dillon (him again?) was strong. Also, I already knew Jennifer Esposito was easy on the eyes, but Bahar Soomekh? Damn. If only I could pronounce her name. Where the hell is she from, Canada?


Shane said...
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Shane said...

It took foever to find Over the Edge, all based on Cameron Crowe's recommendation ("The Godfather of the contemporary teen move"). I eventually found it at Wild and Woolly; is that where you got it?

Vitamin J said...

It was indeed rented from the fine folks at Wild and Woolly.

I don't know about it being "the Godfather of the contemporary teen movie," but it's a decent little movie. One thing I neglected to mention in the original posting is that the movie was obviously cast entirely in New York. All the kids have thick accents which make the Colorado setting even more peculiar.

Surely there's a video outlet down there in Hipsterville, Texas that has a copy on DVD.

Anonymous said...

House of 1,000 Corpses is fantastic. Sheri Moon is smokin' goodness. Sid Haig has bad breathe.