19 November 2005

Compositions for the Young and Old

Bob Mould played at Headliners last night. As noted earlier, I did a pre-show phoner with Mould for LEO; you can read the article here.

Top-notch show. Small but appreciative crowd. Mould played tunes from the entire catalog, going all the way back to the mighty Zen Arcade through his new album. He started the show playing a 12-string acoustic guitar but due to some loud chatter (did I say "appreciative crowd?") he swapped axes after "High Fidelity" and finished the set on his trusty blue Strat.

Set list:
Wishing Well
Hear Me Calling
Hoover Dam
See a Little Light
No Reservations
Hardly Getting Over It
High Fidelity
Lonely Afternoon
The Act We Act
I Apologize
Chartered Trips
Your Favorite Thing
Celebrated Summer
- - - - -
If I Can't Change Your Mind
Makes No Sense at All


Anonymous said...

Bob Mould is gay and so are you. And not the cool Freddie Mercury gay.

Vitamin J said...

Look, Shay, I'm sorry I came in your mouth. Get over it.