06 February 2006

Religion of Peace, My Ass

Christopher Hitchens weighs in on the Muhammad Kartoon Kontroversy. As does Vodkapundit.

My take? If you get that rattled over a stupid cartoon, you're clearly not playing with a full deck. Don't these folks have anything better to do with their time?

Something I find amusing (and by “amusing” I mean, “depressing and unsettling”) is that even though they don’t wear turbans and are doughier and pastier, many conservative Christians right here in America are cut from the exact same cloth as their Muslim counterparts: willfully ignorant, sexually repressed, profoundly intolerant.

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Anonymous said...


I was watching Fox News the other day about this, not for that purpose. My cousin told me to watch it and I would see it was not slanted to the right. I watched for 15min. while they reported everything to the far right, challenged or bullied any other opinion, and general acted like the Republican Party. Anyway, when this story came up they put on a whiter Arab than my Dego self and boy he just didn't see what the problem was and made the whole thing out to be misunderstanding and that his people needed to "let this go." His people, right! So I got to thinking how it would go over if the Washington Post or New York Times or Newsweek ran some satirical and offensive Jesus cartoons and how every conservative asshole would come out of the wood work, and how it would probably make it into Bush's next public address squeezed somewhere between "My main priority is the war on terror and keeping America safe and I will do that at the cost of healthcare, education, and scientific research (bad word), and we are declairing a war on the Post! This is a long way to say I agree whether you worship the prophet, Jesus, God, or whoever fanatics are fanatics, and they should all lighten up. I mean I don't worship anything and will likely burn in Hell for all eternity, so why is it that people like me are generally happy and people who have secured their final resting place are so uptight. That is all!