12 February 2006

Damaged Goods

I love Wild & Woolly Video. Great selection of oddball, foreign, psychotronic, obscure, cult and any other nerdy niche video category and subcategory you can name. Plus, they're less than a mile from my house.

Problem is, video stores that carry such a wide array of, well, wild and woolly titles tend to attract more than their fair share of -- how to put this delicately? -- social retards.

There's nothing on TV tonight that I'm dying to see, so I thought I'd pop in to W&W and see if anything looked interesting. Nothing caught my eye, but a few patrons caught my nose: there's nothing quite like looking for a movie next to some fortysomething endomorph with painfully assertive body odor as he paws through the anime selection, mumbling to himself, "Where's the hentai?" Truly heartwarming.

It's good to know that rather than spend his Taco Bell wages or Social Security on deodorant (or better yet, his meds), he's using his disposable income to fully enjoy cult cinema. Even better, apparently Sundays are now "Maladjusted Night" at W&W, because there were at least three of these specimens hastening my exit. I need to check out the TARC schedules and plan my visits accordingly.


Shane said...

Wild & Woolly's set up reminded me of the old Central Library. And like the old Central Library, every time I finished going through their videos, I'd get flea-market/Book Broker hands. I'd wash them as soon as I got home.

Vitamin J said...

I mean, seriously. I'm a total fucking geek, but you look at guys like that and you have to wonder where it all went wrong for these poor bastards.