31 March 2005

The Tribe Has Spoken

Damn. A full week has gone by since last I fed the blog here.

For those who were concerned, I recovered from my illness and made it to work the next day.

Well, Steph is still in the running on Survivor, but it's down to her and Bobby Jon of the pathetic Ulong tribe. I really don't see how it would be possible for the two tribes not to merge next week, but I would love to see how Survivor's producers would handle it if they didn't merge, because Survivor contestants cannot vote for themselves, so if Steph and Bobby John (he's from Alabama, hence the double name) were to go to Tribal Council, they could only vote for each other and there would be a tie. Would they have Jeff Probst flip a coin?

I also watch The Amazing Race, which I think is the purest reality show in that it's purely a meritocracy: the best teams go on to the next leg of the race, while the team that arrives at the current destination last is eliminated from the show. The social aspects that make Survivor such a crapshoot really have no effect on the outcome.

Meanwhile, the University of Louisville Cardinals basketball team is heading to a big championship game this weekend. Here in America, where priorities are nothing if not completely backwards, the local media is pretty much shitting themselves covering every asinine angle they can dredge up. One angle that does interest me, however, is what happens if the Cards pull it off and win the NCAA championship? Will all the loyal fans here riot and smash shit up? If they do, will it extend to my neighborhood? I sure hope not. But let's face it: The average sports fan? Is a fucking beer-swilling, dimwitted lout. I mean, what better way to show support for your favorite team than by flipping over a few cars and setting fires? Woo-hoo!

Here's hoping that the Fighting Illini beat the Cards Saturday so I don't have to find out how "enthusiastic" the local fanbase is the hard way.

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