16 March 2005


Interpol played at the Brown Theatre tonight. Good stage presence, tight playing, overall a really great show, although Paul Banks's voice seemed a little raw -- and he isn't exactly the world's finest vocalist to start with. Carlos D. looks like he takes himself way too seriously, but I couldn't take my eyes off of him the whole set. He's a rock star, plain and simple. Sam Fogarino? Short.

Q and Not U opened, and the contrast was hilarious. Interpol had to have picked them to open this leg of the tour to make them look better: After seeing the three schlubs in QaNU, dressed in whatever came into the Goodwill that afternoon, their beer guts hanging over their trousers, greasy hair flopping about as they did the absolute worst dancing ever, it was hard stifling the giggles. Putting it differently, QaNU looked as if they all had body odor. If their material had been awesome, they would have transcended the handicaps listed above, but their all-too-mediocre art-noise was tedious and uninspired.

But hey, I got in free because I wrote a preview of the show, so I shouldn't complain... although that's never stopped me before.

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