24 March 2005

Couch Potato

Lord, I love me some reality TV. Last night's Survivor was yet another heartbreaker. I'm rooting for the Ulong tribe, and they pretty much suck ass. They have yet to win an immunity challenge, which meant that after last night's Tribal Council (I feel so dorky typing that out), they were reduced to three members down from nine since the first episode. I always tend to pull for the underdog in any given situation, but I also have a TV crush on Ulong's Stephenie. I thought I'd hate her, but she's grown on me. I also thought she was unattractive -- her features are kind of manly, especially when her hair is pulled back, which it usually is on the show -- but now I think she's pretty cute. Must be the lack of clothing. Gamewise, she's very determined, reasonably low-key and she appears to be playing the game well. Let's hope she's not promptly voted out once the two tribes merge.

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