30 July 2006

Hoist the Black Flag

I stumbled upon that Mencken quote to your left and just had to slap it on DMBYSC. Pretty evocative.

Today is my birthday. Tony and Sarah came to visit, we went out to dinner with Will and Michelle, Helton showed up and in what must have been an age-induced moment of stupidity, I ordered sushi rolls when I thought I was ordering nigiri. Plate after plate kept coming from the sushi bar. I'm sure I looked a fool. I ate as much as I could and brought about two pounds of leftovers home. The cats were delighted.

But the night was not over. We played pool for a while then we went home and burned stuff in the fire pit. Then a few more people showed up and we were up until 4 a.m., drinking, eating cake and burning stuff.

Tonight: Strangers With Candy -- IN A MOVIE THEATER. Wish me luck.

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