02 May 2005

Christians Don't Believe in Gravity

The return of Family Guy. Freakin' sweet. Not the best episode, but I laughed a couple of times. Taped American Dad; the sneak preview they ran after the Super Bowl was such a piece of shit I decided to wait until later to see if they fixed it.

Also: two new episodes of The Simpsons. The "imaginary friend" episode was kind of underwhelming, but the second one, wherein Bart got fat and had a heart attack was pretty good. I thought the bit where Itchy showed Scratchy a picture of himself sleeping with his wife (helpfully labeled "me" and "your wife") was hysterical.

Which reminds me: The "imaginary friend" episode guest-starred Ray Romano. Those commercials that CBS is running, wherein they compare Everybody Loves Raymond to two species of animals on the endangered list, are tacky and insensitive. I'm no tree-hugger, but the eradication of entire species of animals, intentional or not, is no laughing matter and using it to hype the series finale of a third-rate sitcom is really disgusting.

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