10 May 2005

Always a Bridesmaid

Praise be! Rob & Amber failed to win the final leg of The Amazing Race. This means that, in three separate seasons of two different reality TV series, self-styled master strategist and consummate competitor "Boston Rob" has never won. Boy, my wife is gonna be pissed: She loves Boston Rob and hates Uchenna & Joyce, the winners.

Also glad to see Ron & Kelly come in third. Kelly was kind of a hateful bitch (nice rack, though), but Ron was even worse. His rack was OK, I guess, but Ron served in the Iraq war and was a POW, something he mentioned every chance he got. Every place they went, it reminded Ron of downtown Baghdad: Istanbul, Johannesburg, fucking Miami, Florida. One imagines a trip to the video store or the post office reminds Ron of downtown Baghdad. Give it a rest, Gomer Pyle -- if you were that great a soldier, you never would've been captured in the first place.

Next season of Amazing Race promises to suck, as it's a "family edition," meaning a bunch of snot-nosed kids and their snot-nosed parents. Feh. I'll guarantee that several of the kids will have soap opera names like "Tucker," "Hunter," "McKenzie" and suchlike.

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