18 April 2005

Media Overload

This past weekend was a consumerist paradise. In addition to the Xbox, I bought two novels (at half price), a new 331/3 book and the new issue of Mojo. I'm also trying to write reviews of the new Corrosion of Conformity CD, In the Arms of God as well as the upcoming CD from local artist Coliseum, Goddamage.

But wait, there's even more: Today at lunch I walked over to the EB Games in Fourth Street Live and bought used copies of Manhunt and SoulCaliber II.

(All this after I finally signed up for 401k at work, which means I'm taking home about $50 less per pay period.)

What this all really means, however, is that I have plenty of stuff to keep me occupied.

And yet I still feel as if I'm struggling to stay on top of the mundane shit like laundry, bills, lawn care, the litter box, etc. Oh, and this blog, for which I made time this evening. Thank God Monday is a slow TV night.

I need a 36-hour day.

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