10 April 2005

Eating in Louisville

We rarely eat at home on weekends. Why should we? We can afford to dine out and when you go to a restaurant, there are no dishes to clear, no cooking implements to wash.

Friday, we went to Havana Rumba, a Cuban establishment in St. Matthews. Nobody in our party of four had ever eaten there before. Usually when we get adventurous at mealtime we end up regretting it, but we were all pleasantly surprised at how much we liked the food. I even drank sangria, which tastes like Hawaiian Punch mixed with red wine, neither of which I am very fond, but hey, when in Rome. The only sour note was Tony, who ordered a grouper sandwich (?) but pouted when it arrived, saying it was "good, but not what he expected." (??) Sorry, man. We'll go to Long John Silver's for you next time.

Saturday, we went to the Third Avenue Cafe. Again, a pleasant surprise. We went with a different couple this time, and they usually have very expensive tastes in restaurants. Both of them waited tables while in college, so they think they know everything about the food industry, and maybe they do, but usually when we go somewhere they have selected, I know I'm going to pay quite a bit for a pretentious, fruity meal that I won't finish and then I'll be in the La Bamba drive-through buying a chorizo burrito with avocados and extra jalapeno (keeps the mail moving, don't you know).

But anyway, Third Avenue: A long time ago, before we relocated here, I wrote an article about what to do in Louisville over a weekend. The magazine who tossed me this assignment put me and the old lady up in a bed & breakfast that was just up the road from the Third Avenue Cafe, so we had actually been there for a drink, but not dinner. We'd always said, "We should go back there sometime," but never got around to it until this weekend. Again, it was really good. Also, our waiter was something of a comedian, which can be extremely grating, but was highly amusing because he was so clearly getting on our friends's nerves. Other people's irritation = good times.

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