11 December 2005

Easy on the Lip Gloss, Danni

Danni wins Survivor.

Danni and Stephanie were plenty cute and sexy when they were on the island -- sweaty, dirty and no access to cosmetics. On the big reunion special, they both looked like truck stop hookers, sad to say.

A good, solid season overall. Not the best ever, but far from the worst. Honestly, they're all starting to blur together for me. I should spend my time a little more wisely, but who am I kidding? I'll watch the next season.


Abba Believer said...

Stephenie and Danni should have stayed with their natural beauty. Not getting enough credit is Cindy, who walking around in a bikini top gave me beautiful erections!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Cindy's twin Mindy. Talk about your "Fantasy Island."