11 July 2005

This Old House

Our house is shaping up. Not that it was unliveable when we bought it last May, but there was quite a lengthy list of things that needed to be addressed. And a few of them have been taken care of.

A few weeks back, we had new windows installed throughout, which took a big chunk out of the savings, but they'll help with the utility bills. Better yet we can, you know, actually open all the fucking windows.

We did some painting, as well. Fifteen feet doesn't sound like a lot of distance, but when you're on a ladder, it can be quite nerve wracking.

And finally, we got the fugly back porch all nice and spiffy. My father-in-law installed a new ceiling and we painted it so we're not looking at the repulsive sea foam green shade it was when we purchased the place.

The big projects now are getting the garage repaired or more likely, completely rebuilt, and we also need to get the basement up to snuff. Right now, the litter box is in the office and it needs to go down there.

I have a little shelving project I'd like to get done by summer's end. If my calculations are correct, which they almost always are, and if the wood working is properly done, I can fit 4,200 CDs on a section of wall in the study. This would free up an enormous amount of space, although it would still only represent two-thirds of my collection. But still.

And I can't help but wonder how much we've increased the value of this place. Realistically speaking, I don't see us living here for the rest of our lives, but if we make this place too awesome, we won't be able to recoup the money we've put in.

Meanwhile, the old lady is clamoring for one of these. I have no problem with dogs, but they're more labor intensive than cats. Also, the breed with which she has become enamored isn't exactly cheap: purebred pups will set you back between $1,200-$1,800. So if she gets one of them, I'm getting one of these.

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