18 December 2006

Mallard Fillmore Finally Funny, Albeit Accidentally

Bruce Tinsley, the mastermind behind the brutally unfunny "comic" strip Mallard Fillmore, was picked up for DUI a few weeks ago. The blogs were all over it, of course.

The strip's fans say that those who dislike Mallard's antics hate the strip's politics, and while that certainly plays a role in my own personal irritation with it, my main gripe is that IT JUST ISN'T FUNNY. Needless to say, Tinsley's arrest was the first time he ever made me laugh.

In fact, the funniest Mallard Fillmore was a parody strip done for America: The Book:

That is, until now. This strip ran a couple of days after Tinsley was arrested:

Man, you can just taste the frothy irony mixed with deep, rich schadenfreude. Cheers, Bruce!

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