14 April 2006

Wedding Crashers

So apparently Storm and the Black Panther are getting married. Good for them; I hope that these two entirely fictional characters make each other happy. Jeepers, I hope the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime don't disrupt the ceremony.

However, I think that this is kind of patronizing on the part of Marvel. Storm has been around the Marvel Universe since the mid-70s and the Panther has been around even longer but Marvel decided to retcon a romance into their past and now they're getting hitched. One can't help but think that the editors who dreamt this stunt up were thinking, "Hey, we've got two characters from Africa. One is male, the other female. Of course they'd be lovers!"

I like how Captain America and Iron Man are looking at each other like, "What the fuck, yo?"


Shane said...

That's not the worst part.

Abba Believer said...

Is this wedding or funeral? The only one happy to be there seems to be green woman and Fantastic Four girl. Captain America and Iron Man seem to be distant lovers who are thinking, "Why not us?"