20 September 2005

Trans Europe Express

We're going to Europe next week. "Psyched" doesn't begin to describe the way I feel right now. This is something I've wanted to do for over a decade.

First stop, Amsterdam, Then Wesel, Germany. Then, Munich for a taste of the original Oktoberfest.

While in Wesel, I plan to take the train to Dusseldorf, home of Kraftwerk. I may also venture to Cologne.


abyssloiterer said...

"going abroad"! i'm so jealous!

my own damn passport has expired, and i can't even afford to renew it--MUCH LESS go anywhere.

but i'm happy for you !

a tip--just tell people you're Canadian; i have a feeling that you may experience less condescension/hostility.

also, going to Amsterdam FIRST might be tricky---I know i would have a hard time leaving.....

also, is the title of your blog the same as a piece of art Bill Johns did??

Bon Voyage!

Vitamin J said...

Thanks, man. I'm dreading the flights (boring) but everything else should be golden. I even plan on drinking, shudder, beer at Oktoberfest in Munich. When in Rome, and all.

The name of this blog was ripped off... er, pays homage to a song of the same name by Mott the Hoople. I imagine that's from whence Bill Johns got it as well.