15 August 2005

Dateline: Birmingham

We went to a "couples shower" for Tony and Sarah in Birmingham, Alabammy this weekend. The six-hour drive was made tolerable with a well-chosen audiobook. (I have no idea why this novel has gotten such hateful reviews; I like what I heard on the trip -- of course, there are still five CDs to go, so maybe it all falls apart at the end).

Birmingham seems like a decent enough town. The shower was held in the residence of the parents of Sarah's sister's best friend (??) in one of those hoity-toity gated subdivisions. Nice people, but it has to be said: Money can't buy taste. Still, I'm glad I didn't wear my "PRML SCRM MTHR FCKR" shirt that day.

After the shower, a mess of us went to a bar called the Garage, which was pretty nice, except the screwdriver I ordered tasted like ass, so I switched to Woodchuck. Then we went to the house where we were staying. I should've made Tony stop at a liquor store on the way over, because all they had to drink was Jack Daniel's but nothing to mix. JD No. 7 is fine as an ingredient, but on its own? Once you've had Buffalo Trace or Maker's Mark, well, that Tennessee shit loses much of its appeal. I don't know how Lemmy can stand it.


Mark "Skip James" Wilson said...

JD holds its own against ice quite well, and even with a splash of water but if your are going to drink Tennessee whiskey straight George Dickel black label is the way to go. Definitely mellower. That's right. GD. Kept a bottle of GD or Southern Comfort in my desk drawer in college. After college graduated to other bourbons — Old Fitzgerald, Wild Turkey, Old Granddad (get it bottled in bond, 100 proof), Evan Williams (90 proof also goes well with ice) and Elijah Craig (at 13 years this may be one of the finest, most underrated whiskey's out there). Good stuff. A tumbler of Evan Williams and OJ over ice in the morning is great for a cold. Couple of those and you won't need any cold medicine. Maker's Mark is great with soda and ice. Early Times is a good all purpose mixer, although technically it isn't straight bourbon.

This is all useless information to me now. I haven't had a drink in more than three years.

Vitamin J said...

Then you, sir, are a quitter.

SoCo tastes like whiskey mixed with cough syrup, so I'm not too fond of it. Evan Williams is good. Haven't tried George Dickel. But to be a true bourbon, it's gotta come from the Bluegrass State. I have to support the local economy, you know.

Maybe the people we stayed with saved a Jack Daniel's bottle and filled it with Heaven Hill or some other $7 rotgut.